Susie Hollands,  Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Susie Hollands is VINGT Paris’ founder and director.  In VINGT Paris Magazine, she combines her curiosity and artistic and cultural interests with her never-ending exploration of the city of for Paris and its denizens. She moved to Paris over a decade ago to escape the politics of Tony Blair, celebrity and football culture in the UK.  Her own creative activity and interests led her to form  the Paris collective for international artists and art lovers called I V Y Paris and, subsequently, VINGT Paris Magazine.

Featured Contributors

 Pikke Allen Pikke Allen, Writer
Pikke Allen began her career as a costume designer for film, television and commercials working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles for over 17 years, including working in Public Relations, designing events for the Directors Guild, the Artists Rights Foundation and The California Democratic Party. As Guest Designer/Lecturer, teaching film and theatrical costume design, Ms. Allen has also taught film and theatrical costume design at UC Santa Barbara, and taught Shakespeare in film at FIDM, Los Angeles.  Pikke launched a boutique consultancy firm Artifice Atelier for French luxury brands seeking American clientele, and her blog Artifice, which focuses on the American experience in Paris.
Catherine Bennett Catherine Bennett, Writer
Catherine Bennett recently moved to Paris, where she teaches Business English and writes. When she lived in London, she was a reporter for Business Reporter and Business Technology, supplements published with the Daily Telegraph. She has written for The Yorker, The York Press, The Observer, The Upcoming, FemaleArts, Take Stock Magazine and Itchy City Guides. She writes regularly on art and culture, and has a particular interest in women in the arts. She lived in Seville, Spain, in 2012, where she co-founded and produced travel and food journal Bombon.
 Brian Clark Brian Clark, Writer
Brian Clark lives in Paris and writes stories, articles, and screenplays.  In addition to his work at VINGT Paris Magazine, he is the European Editor for Twitch Film. He is also currently developing a Euro-Horror film in between his translation/editing/revising work.  He was previously a film publicist in New York, and programmer/founder of the free repertory film series at University of Texas, Austin Cinematheque.
 Céline Cruz Céline Cruz, Photographer
Céline Cruz was born in Speyer, Germany to French parents.  She completed her Communications studies at University in Nancy, France, and mastered in Media at Institut Européen de l’Audiovisuel (IECA).  She moved to Paris in 2001 where she refined her photographic style through portraiture of musicians and actors, with the guidance of portrait photographer Richard Bellia, and has shot album art and portraits for Michelangelo4tet, Twin Twin, Variety Lab, Yael Naïm, and Orwell, among others, and has photographed at Festival Ebene Ivoire (Montreal), Festival du film Italien de Villerupt, Aye Aye Festival Nancy, and  Festival Contrepoints 62.  Céline had her first solo exhibition, “West Coast Symphonika,” in Summer 2012. Céline balances her freelance photography work with her career in media. She has been working for the Group Canal+ for over 12 years.
 Elliot Elam Elliot Elam, Writer, Illustrator
Elliot Elam is a London-based writer and illustrator. He has drawn for clients including BBC Television, Channel Four, Penguin Books, Time Out, and Disneyland Paris, and has published comic strips in various anthologies. He writes for VINGT Paris Magazine about comics and bande dessinée
 Jon Handelman Jon Handelman, Writer
Jon Handelman is an attorney and writer based in Paris.  After studying International Development at McGill University, Jon spent the following 5 years between his hometown of Chicago and adopted hometown of Paris, working for a non-profit, writing and studying law.  Jon writes on film and culture, and delights in yoga, fashion and music.
 Rooksana Hossenally Rooksana Hossenally, Writer
From a web and print journalism background, Rooksana reports on travel, the environment, art and design. Her work has been published in Bespoke Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Glass Magazine, the International Herald Tribune, The New York Times, and We Heart, among others.  She has recently expanded her beat to cover stories with more of a global society and environmental focus, with regular posts to The Huffington Post.  Originally from London, she has been living in Paris for five years but has travelled extensively, documenting her travels through photography and travel updates.
 Susie Kahlich Susie Kahlich, Writer
A Chicago native, Susie Kahlich attended university in New York City where she explored and was an active participant in the 1980s Lower East Side art and music scene before turning her attention full time to writing, with a focus on film. Her screenplay work includes the award-winning French-produced documentary Peru: Between the Hammer and the Anvil, and several award-winning short and feature scripts.  Susie’s short stories, poems and prose have been published in various print and online literary magazines and anthologies continuously since 1989, and her stage plays have been produced in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City.
 Jill Pope Jill Pope, Writer
Jill Diane Pope has written on design, culture, food and film. Before joining VINGT Paris Magazine, she worked with Architecture Media and she has been published in print and online publications including Houses Magazine, Metro Magazine and Desktop Magazine online. Jill also works as a freelance communications consultant for built environment and cultural clients. She is in Paris currently completing studies in anthropology but usually lives in Melbourne, Australia.
 Richard Price Richard Price,Writer
Born and raised in a small town near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Richard graduated from Fordham University in New York City with an MBA in International Business. In 1995, Richard relocated to Los Angeles where he founded Executive Tours International Inc., a private company that specializes in customized international group tours,. He has traveled around the world extensively – having visited nearly 60 countries – and written numerous short stories and journals about his travels.  When he is not traveling or escorting tour groups around the world, Richard alternates his time between California and Paris.
 Emily Ruck Keene Emily Ruck Keene, Writer
Journalist, writer, blogger and translator, Emily moved to Paris to study philosophy at the Sorbonne, and has been living in the Capital for the last three years.  In addition to contributing to VINGT Paris Magazine, she also writes for several Paris-based magazines, as well as a European arts journal AQNB. Her blog, Keene as Mustard, was started as a way of sharing an alternative face to Paris’ culture scene and focuses on Paris’ literary scene, poetry, underground art and off-the-beaten path cultural events.
 Philip Tonda Philip Tonda, Writer
Philip Tonda graduated from the Rietveld Art Academy in 2007. He completed a study exchange (Visual Culture Studies) at UDK in Berlin, and followed a postgraduate course at Dutch Art Institute with a focus on art in socio-political contexts.  After successfully showing his work in solo and group exhibits, Philip developed himself as an exhibition curator, and has since been involved in the organization of a number of international art events. He currently divides his time somewhat equally between art making, curating and writing.
 Tristan Stansbury Worthington Tristan Stansbury Worthington, Writer
After graduating from Oxford university with a degree in French and Russian literature, Tristan ran a contemporary art gallery in London before settling in Paris where he continues to be delighted and surprised by its blend of style, culture and good food. When not contributing to VINGT Paris Magazine or working as an editor in the luxury sector, he is a writer and director. In August 2011, he directed his first short film entitled Shop Till You Drop, a darkly comic horror and a tongue-in-cheek warning about the dangers of consumerism. He is currently working on a number of screenplay and TV script projects at various stages of development.


Other Contributors

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