parigotIt’s almost 8h and you still have to catch the métro into Châtelet. Normally you wouldn’t worry because the ride is only 25 minutes — du coup you might have to add an extra 15 minutes, but you never count them. Mostly because you stop at the tabac for a packet of Gitanes (Gauloises if it’s sunny outside) and a croissant aux amandes. You may not be rich but you can treat yourself. There is no better breakfast than bread and a smoke. The stomach can’t handle more at that hour. Voilà quoi! There’s nothing to it. You get up, you go to work, you come home, you feed the kids, bref, you know what I mean. You’re a parigot tête de veau. Or at least both your potes make fun of you for that. But whatever, they’re the same as you. You grew up together. En fait, they’re practically like family, or at least good friends who appreciate the classics like you do. PSG isn’t doing so good, but you’re from Paris, what else are you supposed to do? Putain mec! C’est claire, fin, tu vois? Win or lose, you listen to Piaf after every game over drinks at Aux Folies and non, tu ne regrettes rien.





Where to go in Paris for an al-fresco swim

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Le Musée d’Edith Piaf: a little-known Paris museum

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Micro-quartier profile: Saint-Paul/Place des Vosges

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Marché d’Aligre

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Micro-quartier profile: Clignancourt-Jules Joffrin

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