Old Paris

old_paris_with_pearlsA petite goutte at Café Aéro on Place de Passy. You don’t often eat lunch here; you usually déjeune at home as normally there’s a woman that comes in and cooks. One time she suggested making couscous but you suggested otherwise. It’s not that you’re not open minded it’s just that you’re used to certain things. In fact, you’ll go as far as saying that there is most definitely a correct way of doing things. You’ve been coming to Aéro for as long as you can remember; in fact, you husband took you here when you were courting, at Aéro, they treat you correct. People say the 16ème is boring but you just think that they can take their clichés and keep them east of the Seine. The 16ème is all about families, strong families. There is a certain comfort in knowing that you’ll run into the same people all the time. Sometimes you even run into your son and his new wife. She’s a nice girl, even if her parents are artists. She’s a bit giddy and shops too much, but she’s still a newlywed. It seems like when you were newly married you bought all of the Chanel and Yves-Saint Laurent one could possibly need. Couture doesn’t go out of fashion even if it’s thirty years old; neither do the right sunglasses. Style, like proper schooling and good manners, is timeless. Just like life in the 16ème.




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Musée des Arts Décoratifs

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Marché bio Raspail

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