Laurent & Fanny Fiat

Text: Philip Tonda     Images: Tine Kildal What makes Paris so very special? Isn’t it the delightful meeting between history and contemporary life? The combination of things that never change and things that do? The old… Read more

Florian Bochard

Text: Susie Kahlich Images: Céline Cruz Shoes. There is a preponderance of shoes and shoe-related objets in Atelier FB.  There are a pair of lamps made from shoe lasts, a painting that is in fact… Read more

Melissa Unger

Text: Susie Kahlich     Images: Céline Cruz «Don’t freak out when you see the shabby staircase. The flat is nicer than the exterior suggests,» insists Melissa Unger.   But her warning is unnecessary.  Like most things in… Read more

Robert Crumb: 'From The Underground To The Genesis'

Image: Collection Paul Morris et Sam Grubman, New York © Robert Crumb Text: Elliot Elam I once asked Robert Crumb how he felt about his fame. ‘I guess that I’ve left my mark on this… Read more

Le Festin d'Ève

Text: Philip Tonda.  Meet culinary chef Eve Tribouillet-Rozencweig and get to know her inventive creations. She’s a perfectionist, she’s fun, and she never does the same thing twice! Lately she developed a culinary event following… Read more

Oh Othello

    1.  What initially inspired you to move here or visit? George: A few years ago we were both looking for an escape from England. The need to leave had been building for some… Read more

Mia Funk: Meta Art

Text:  Susie Kahlich  Talking to the artist Mia Funk is a slightly unsettling experience, like being surprised by fizz in a drink you thought was flat.  It’s a bit of a shock at first, but… Read more

Ones To Watch – Total Warr

  Text: Aidan Mac Guill VINGT spotlights the highly regarded “non-musicians” of Total Warr. It can probably be safely speculated that not many great landmarks in cultural history have come as a result of trips… Read more

Q & A with Anne Marsella

Text: Lauren Elkin (Maitresse)   Native Californian Anne Marsella‘s debut novel Remedy (Portobello Books) is set in a Pariscape peopled by odd, intriguing, and enthusiastic characters. The resulting novel is more than the sum of… Read more